The Democrats of Oro Valley
We are urging you to OPPOSE SB1041 (Bill Title: STOs; aggregate cap increase). This bill would increase non-public school tax credits by 400% (from $5 million to $20 million) over the next three years and then would continue to increase by 2% growth or inflation. This gift to private and charter schools and their corporate masters would unnecessarily deplete AZ’s general fund and continue to defund public schools.
Senate Finance Committee Members
Vince Leach, AZ senator district 11 is the vice chairman of the finance committee.
Contacts AZ Senate
Contacts AZ House of Representatives

If you are signed up for RTS, please use your Request to Speak before noon Tuesday to be sure you’re concerns are heard.
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Here is a link if you would like RTS training from Civic Engagement Beyond Voting: Training

Follow us on “demsov.org” or at the Democrats of Oro Valley facebook page.
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