Arizonans are accustomed to voting by mail. Approximately 80% of voters are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL). Especially during a pandemic, there are many advantages to voting by mail:

  1. No need for unnecessary coronavirus exposure by going to the polls.
  2. Reduces wait times at polls for those who do like to cast their votes in person.
  3. Allows elections departments to begin counting votes earlier, increasing the chance of so we usually have a good idea of outcomes on Election Day.
  4. People who vote by mail can log on to check the Recorder’s website to confirm online that their ballot was received and counted. Find the website link where you can check on your ballot status, is provided below.

PCDP’s message about mail-in voting is a simple one: Vote early, vote early, VOTE EARLY.

The Recorder Ballots will be sent send out ballots by the Recorder on October 7. If you are on the PEVL and don’t receive your ballot by October 14, call the recorder at 520-724-4330.

Don’t procrastinate! Return in returning your ballot quickly. While the Recorder’s office recommends says to put mailing your ballot back in the mail by October 27, we advise doing it so much earlier: —by October 19 or 20. Remember, the Recorder must receive your ballot must be received by November 3!! The postmark date doesn’t matter; It is the receipt date that will determine whether if your vote counts. or not.

If you do procrastinate, in returning your ballot, don’t rely on the postal service. Drop off your completed ballot at a curbside drop-off or early-voting location. Find the link to those locations which you can find provided at the links below.

If it’s Election Day and you’re still holding your completed ballot, in hand, drop off your competed ballot it at ANY polling location. Find your polling location can be found in the links listed below.

If you still have any questions, about any of this, call the Pima County Recorder’s office at 520-724-4330. They WANT to help you make your vote count.
PCDP offers has prepared videos in English and Spanish about planning your vote in Pima County. Please share these video links, (listed below,) to with anyone you know who has questions.

One final note: DO NOT PUT A STAMP on the postage-paid envelope. That could actually slow it down.
Happy Voting, Pima Democrats!

Links to the Recorder’s information.

Curbside ballot drop-off locations and hours: of operation
Early voting sites and hours: of operation
To find your precinct voting location
Check on your ballot status

Videos on making your vote count in Pima County.

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