by Alison Jones

This will be my last “Notes from the Chair” before November 3. Thank you for all the positive feedback I have received on these emails. 

Today’s Topic: More education-related propositions

We recommend a YES vote on Prop 481. 

Proposition 481, which does NOT raise taxes, asks voters to approve an adjustment to the Pima Community College (PCC) spending limitation. PCC already has this money. The current limitation was set for PCC using 40-year-old budget numbers. This restricts PCC to the lowest per-student spending limit of any Arizona community college. The proposed limit increase would bring PCC in line with the rest of the state’s community colleges on a per-student basis, without raising taxes.

If Proposition 481 passes, PCC could increase the annual base spending limit by about $11 million, enabling the college to spend tax revenue it already gets on programs and educational services that further student career goals and employer workforce needs. It will bring PCC students better training in the real-world skills that the jobs of today and the future demand. 

Community colleges perform an important role in higher education by offering  varied, flexible and cost-effective programs. It’s safe to say that well-funded community colleges are an integral element of a healthy, vibrant and prosperous society.

We recommend YES votes on Props 482, 483, and 484.

Three school districts have propositions on the ballot this season: Marana Unified, Tanque Verde Unified, and Continental Elementary. If you live in one of these districts, these propositions will appear on your ballot. Please vote YES on these propositions to help fund local public education! 

Bonds and overrides are tools that a community can use to fund their local schools and colleges above and beyond what the state provides. In many cases, these bonds and overrides don’t raise taxes because they seek to extend the existing tax level or to use available funds. 

Listed below are the three school districts with bond/overrides on the ballot this year.


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