by Joshua Polacheck

I’m so excited to have been chosen to serve as your new Executive Director. After nearly two decades serving our country overseas as a Foreign Service Officer, this election was too important for me to stay neutral. We witnessed a demonstration of America’s potential last week, at the Democratic National Convention, and it’s clear that this is the correct choice for this moment in history.

Though we’re still largely virtual, HQ operations continue apace. We’ve installed security cameras and are servicing the A/C system and computers. Leila Counts and I are at HQ Monday-Saturday, with a skeleton crew of volunteers in the afternoons. Preparations for October’s Udall dinner, featuring  keynote speaker Prof. Noam Chomsky, are in full swing. We have some yard signs, and more are coming.

Most importantly, the election! We are providing all the support we can to candidates from bottom to top of the ballot.

Pima County will help give Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris the margin of victory they need to take back the White House for Democrats and democracy.

When we send Capt. Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate, Arizona will have an all-Democratic U.S. Senate delegation for the first time since 1952!

We will flip the Arizona House and Senate – shoutout to LD11! – sweep all the countywide offices – shoutout to Laura Conover, Chris Nanos, Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, Brian Bickel, Suzanne Droubie, and Dustin Williams! – and the Board of Supervisors – shoutout to Rex Scott, Matt Heinz, Sharon Bronson, Steve Diamond, and Adelita Grijalva!  No pressure 😀

Onward to November!

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