The Executive Committee of the Pima County Democratic Party approved the following resolution at its June 8 meeting.

In a tragedy that has become all too familiar, the world grieves the deaths of Dion Johnson, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and many more at the hands of law enforcement officers. We condemn the actions of the officers responsible for these senseless murders and demand they be accountable for their actions.

Racial biases, disparities and oppression have put generations of African-Americans in danger for being Black in America. The Pima County Democratic Party (PCDP) Platform condemns racism and confirms our core belief that all individuals have equal rights.

The reaction to these horrific incidents are a reflection of America’s long history of racism and injustice. Despite the onslaught of anti-blackness, the invisibility of Black people’s lives and their constant fear of racial violence, African Americans continue to organize and fight to be valued as human beings.

We must support them. The gestures of a handful of police officers and people in positions of authority in response to the public protests across the nation are not enough.

Our vote is the strongest weapon to fight systemic oppression, injustice, and white supremacy. African-Americans must be seen, heard, appreciated and included in the fabric and cultural structures of a new and better American society.

Pima County Democrats call upon everyone to come together in solidarity with African-Americans to stop all forms of racism, inequities, and bias.

We urge all of our members to unite for justice:

  • Talk to your family about racism
  • Confront your own biases
  • Contact your elected officials to demand the end to systemic oppression
  • Challenge racist behaviors
  • Amplify Black voices and experiences
  • Donate to Black-led organizations that fight the injustice of racism
  • Learn about Black & Pan-African history and culture
  • Speak out on social media
  • Cast your ballot with care on election day
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