The passage of time seems as surreal as a Salvador Dali painting these days. April flew by, with Easter, Passover, and the beginning of Ramadan. Zoom and Google Meets are the new hangouts. Masks are becoming fashion accessories. And online “binge buyers’’ will soon need a support group. 

Other than that, the April happenings at HQ included bees, weeds, and leaks. Yes, a swarm of bees seemed desperate for a new home. Don’t panic; they’ve moved on, apparently because HQ proved unsuitable. We’re not too offended but are seeking ways to make the premises more inviting to humans. Weeds and leaks are being attended to as I write. Amidst the chaos swirling around the world and the White House, we continue addressing the mundane here at home.

We will kick off a big fundraiser on June 1 that will serve three purposes: raising money, making the building more inviting, and giving local Dems an opportunity to leave their marks and pave the way for our BIG WINS IN NOVEMBER!  (There is a clue in that last sentence.) 

Needless to say, we must be creative during this shutdown period, especially because we postponed the Udall Dinner. We must stay operational throughout this crucial election year! We’ll need to send massive mailers before the primary and general elections. Mailers are the most expensive piece of campaigning,  after television and billboards. We’re focusing on signing voters up for the Permanent Early Voting List as well as registering new voters and those switching parties. Then it’s a full court press to GOTV!

Our volunteers remain safe and healthy and continue to monitor our daily calls from home. We connect with each other at the end of each day with a summary of callers, and tell each other about the more interesting ones. Callers continue to be angry, scared, funny, sad, a bit crazy, curious, confused, and mostly just anxious to be involved and informed – like all of us.

We proudly continue to support ALL Democratic candidates up and down the ballot as we approach the August primaries. We are posting their campaign videos and doing what we can to provide each of them the resources they need to succeed. Our Precinct Committeepersons in all of the LDs are working their tails off to support candidates and register voters. They are the preeminent foot soldiers in the great battle to turn our state legislature, the U.S. Senate and White House BLUE. We Love You!

Be kind to each other. Reach out. Connect. And stay safe. Oh, and don’t forget to exercise. Click on this video, get off the couch, and get ready to “dance with yourself!” I promise you will feel better.

 Cheers, C

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