by Richard Wiebe

Volunteer coordinator Melody Prentice offered to help the Pima County Democratic Party for the same reason most of us volunteered.

“It’s the ‘Trump Thing,’” she said. “When he was elected, I knew I had to do whatever I could to limit the damage he’s doing to our country.”

Melody moved to Tucson as a teenager and considers it her real home. She lives near the Pima College West Campus in LD 3 with her husband, Michael, retired from the Arizona Department of Gaming, Division of Racing. They have two children: a Tucson entrepreneur and a future social worker studying in Oregon.

Ten years ago, nearly halfway into a 25 year career as an intake specialist with a home health agency, Melody started a jewelry design business with her sister. Their line now includes Day of the Dead ornaments, which they sell online as well as at local shows.

Melody shares Team Lead on Mondays and works with the Tuesday team alongside Team Lead John Veen and Maria at PCDP headquarters. Together they developed a procedures book, reference book and with Cat’s help a” need to know clipboard.”

She also handles calls and questions from the public, interviews future volunteers, and keeps volunteers informed about current events at PCDP headquarters.

“I’d like to make the volunteer experience as productive as possible,” she says. “One way to do that is to make sure volunteers have the information we need to do our jobs. Volunteers are a terrific asset for the party who are highly motivated to make PCDP as strong as it can be. We’re lucky to have Alison and Cat leading the way. I really enjoy working there.”

Melody recently joined a women’s hiking club (on hiatus), enjoys working in the yard, and does one hour daily on the elliptical (not so enjoyable). Much of her day is spent designing and creating custom ornaments for her business and preparing orders.

“What bothers me most about Trump is the lying,” she said. “How can America follow a leader who lies every time he opens his mouth? And his hypocrisy is galling. While he claims to be a Christian, he brags he’s never asked forgiveness. That’s not a Christian.”
“There couldn’t be two more different presidents. President Obama was above reproach — honest, caring, sincere — and he always put the people and our country first. He’s everything Trump is not. And who couldn’t love and respect Michele,” she said.

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