By Cat Ripley, Executive Director

It’s said that March comes in like a lion. Well, it certainly did at PCDP headquarters. So much happening
in the first few days with volunteers working hard to field phone calls and walk-ins asking about Super
Tuesday, the Invest in Ed launch, the Outlaw Dirty Money campaign, the Presidential Preference
Election, “How to Become a Delegate to the DNC’’ trainings, campaign teams (up and down the ballot),
the St. Patty Day’s Party, UDALL UDALL UDALL….and more! We are excited, nervous, and sometimes
scared, but we’re all in it together. Don’t hesitate to call or stop by for information and direction. We
may not know it all, but we do know where to find it!

Our 35 volunteers, interns, and staff are trained and equipped to support our mission of ELECTING
DEMOCRATS. During January and February, we averaged one person a day visiting HQ to switch party
affiliation from Republican to Democrat! It was exciting and a bit emotional to see so many people
finally making the conscious decision to follow their conscience and vote for the party with a conscience
(and heart)! An entire family stopped by with their 103-year-old matriarch. All lifelong Republicans, they
switched in one sitting.

Thanks to ALL the Pima County Precinct committeepersons and volunteers who have been pounding the
pavement for a year to ensure we arrived where we are today with voter registration, issue and
candidate awareness, and excitement for 2020! Now, please go online to buy your Udall table or
tickets. It is the PCDP’s biggest and most important fundraiser of the year. This year, we especially need
every dollar to help with upcoming coordinated campaigns and candidate support. HQ provides space,
administration assistance, printing, phone banking, and much more, to all candidates. Please help us
keep the doors open and the lights on!

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