By Cat Ripley, Executive Director

When we hit the deck running at HQ more than a year ago, we had one objective: gearing up for the 2020 election. This is what we have all been planning for, looking forward to, and patiently – impatiently, really – waiting for. And we made it!

The front office is staffed and trained and continues to welcome new volunteers to greet visitors and answer phone calls. We have four interns working shifts Monday through Friday. Along with Adriana Bracamonte and Gilberto Garibaldi, who joined us last year, we have Nicki Jaberian from Pima Community College and Sarah Slaughter from the U of A, both Political Science majors looking to gain experience and make a difference in our world! 

We also welcome our newest staff member, Leila Counts, Operations and Outreach Coordinator! Please read all about Leila and her amazing accomplishments in Tucson as an elected TUSD board member and long-time educator.

Leila, Building Manager Bill Laray and Front Desk Coordinator Leftie Vaughn, have been working diligently for a year preparing for this precise moment: DEMOCRATIC WINS IN 2020! It feels great to have such a robust team working together for a common goal. But there is so much to do, so please stop by to see what you can to support our mission: volunteering, donating, rallying, canvassing for candidates, registering folks to vote, getting out the vote, phone banking, and advocating for all of our Democratic causes! Our Number One priority this year is registering everyone to vote, then making sure they cast their ballots.

Some of our newest improvements include: a big-screen television for training, film nights, and debate watches. Our next film screening as part of the PCDP Film Series is “Backpack Full of Cash,” on February 22. The film examines the privatization of public schools, to the detriment of our entire society. We always have guest speakers and plenty of refreshments at these sold-out events, which are free to the public. Seats are limited to 100 in the “Big Room.” 

We have two committees looking for leadership and membership: the Tabling Committee and the Udall Dinner Planning Committee. Please call or email me if you’re interested in either.

Also, please check our website calendar for this year’s events. Save the dates especially for a lunch with former Sen. Bill Bradley on March 11, the annual Udall dinner on April 18, and our primary and general election-night rallies!

Thank you all for your continued support and volunteerism. We have a lot to do, but we are trained, equipped and ready to turn AZ Blue! So…in the words of the immortal Jackie Gleason, “And, awayyyyy we go!!”

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