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2020 Election Info

Election Dates*:

Presidential Preference Election** – March 17, 2020
Primary Election – August 25, 2020
General Election – November 3, 2020

Voter Registration Deadlines*:

Presidential Preference Election  – February 18, 2020
Primary Election  – July 27, 2020
General Election  – October 5, 2020

*   All Election Dates subject to change. Contact Pima County Recorder’s Office for current information (520) 724-4350.

** The Arizona Presidential Preference Election is a Closed Election.  Only members of a recognized Arizona Political Party (Democrat, Green, Libertarian or Republican) can get a ballot for the party to which they are registered.  In order to be participate in the Presidential Preference election, Independents, must change their party affiliation to one of the four recognized parties by filling out a voter registration form.  Click on one of the links below to change your registration, or contact Pima County Democratic Party at (520)326-3716 for more info.

For more information about the Arizona Presidential Preference Election click here.

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