December Notes from the Chair

By Alison Jones

As we head into the holiday season, I will be thinking about the people we are fighting for as Democrats. They are the reason we do what we do.

I am from Louisiana, where an advancing Gulf of Mexico is claiming entire parts of the state due to climate change. I will be thinking of the people who are being displaced – most of them poor.

I will be thinking of striking ASARCO workers in Southern Arizona, who have not received a raise in 10 years.  

I will be thinking of those who don’t have access to clean water or secure housing. 

I will be thinking of the American children who head home from school  on Friday afternoon unsure if they will eat again before returning on Monday.

I will be thinking of those who must ration their medications, or do without them altogether. 

I will be thinking about the families desperate for asylum in our country but suffering in squalid border camps.

And I will be thinking about what kind of nation we want to be: one of opportunity, or one where circumstances of birth determine outcomes. 

 PCDP has three resolutions for 2020:

1.  We must change our state legislature to a Democratic majority.

2.    Arizona must elect a Democrat to the U.S. Senate.

3.    We must evict the lawless occupant of the White House next November, if not sooner.

How we achieve these goals is a topic for animated conversation. But overall, the consensus seems to be that we will make this happen by: (1) registering new Democrats, (2) engaging with Independents who will vote for Democrats, and (3) making sure EVERY DEMOCRAT votes. Executing only two of these strategies won’t work; we need to do all three. And we need every Democrat to make it happen.

2020 will not be a year to sit on the sidelines and simply vote. We need canvassers, phone bankers, ballot chasers, fundraisers, house-party hosts, voter registration folks, organizers, postcard writers, editorial and letter writers, videographers, people with IT skills, and anyone who wants to learn how to do any of the above.

We must leave the bubbles of our social media, political clubs, like-minded friends, neighbors and allies. We must engage with those who are different from us. We must reach out to those who think their votes don’t count and let them know they will determine our nation’s path forward.  

We must go to new places, speak with strangers, and take part in uncomfortable conversations. And we must do it all while being tireless, respectful and truthful.

If this sounds hard, take it as a challenge. If it sounds scary, well, you are not alone. If it sounds fun, you are my kind of Democrat! This is a call to action.

With all good wishes for a safe and happy holiday season, and a peaceful, hopeful New Year.


Alison Jones with the first "First Dude" of Tucson, Ruben Reyes
Alison Jones with the first “First Dude” of Tucson, Ruben Reyes
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