Most everyone in the United States can tell you precisely where they were and what they were doing the moment they heard what was happening in NYC and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  The generation of my parents can all recall precisely where they were when Pearl Harbor was bombed and when JFK was shot. These are two shattering paradigm-shifting moments in our collective histories. They created an instant barrage of emotions—horror, anger, fear, grief, confusion, sadness, hopelessness. Then, there came a choice. Do nothing or do something. Remembering our friends and colleagues who lost lives and loved ones many of us chose action. Every positive act, no matter how small can contribute to making our world better, safer, kinder, smarter, healthier, stronger, more informed, more inclusive, and hence, more joyful and prosperous—(not to mention Trump-less.)

So, please join us in mobilizing, motivating, and activating the 218,000 registered Democrats in the county and encouraging a potential block of over 300,000 people not registered or registered as independents. We have little time to spare before next year. The party is training an army of volunteers on everything from getting out the vote and ballot chasing to learning Civics 101 and speaking truth about important platforms, policies, and issues.

You can do this by volunteering, showing up for events, supporting candidates, and if able, donating money to our collective cause of ELECTING DEMOCRATS at the county, state, and national level!  Visit our website at www.pimadems.org and sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch with events, trainings, and rallies!  And if you are able please consider donating to the party to keep our volunteers trained, hydrated, and equipped to take on 2020!

Most Sincerely,

Cat Ripley and the 32-member volunteer team at Pima County Democratic Headquarters

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