By Kimberlee Holaway, Chair

Voter Registration – Summer 2019

It’s been a hot summer for voter registration! Teams have been trying out new ideas, partnering with other LDs, and the Field Team 6 organization. LD9 teams tried voter registration at laundromats in July, which they’ll repeat in September or October.

Field Team 6, led by LD11’s Gil Wier, held two “First Day of School” events. The PCC event covered four campuses and generated 81 registrations. The U of A event was also a big success, generating 91 registrations.

LD9 Voter Registration team extended the events with two additional days at PCC and one at U of A. The U of A scored an additional 10 registrations. 

We welcome volunteers from all LDs, clubs and caucuses. Planning a voter-registration event? Contact Mary Keerins LapisAZ@outlook.com or Ellen Toigo jetoigo@comcast.net and we’ll publicize it to our VR Volunteer email list. We would also love to hear your ideas for events.

Training – The LD9 Training Team has been working with PCDP’s Education Committee to create a calendar of trainings to be held at HQ and other locations. Stay tuned for a calendar of exciting trainings for PCs and volunteers.

And Then They Came for Us – This exciting film event sold out 100 seats, but we’re planning another film event for January.

September 8 – Precinct Leader Kickoff

We will launch LD9’s strategy for electing Democrat Regina Romero Tucson’s mayor!

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