Tamar Rala Kreiswirth

We are a group of local artists inviting you to help establish a gift shop at PCDP headquarters.   We need your activist artistry to get started!

We hope you will join us by donating one or more of your pieces or help stock the shelves along with the work of others: Cards (every leader needs nice ‘Thank You’ cards), pottery (Volunteers drink lots of coffee!), jewelry (Hmmm…we see a lot of women activists in Tucson), notepads, bumper stickers (Maybe buy a few to donate to the HQ Gift shop!), pins, posters, t-shirts, music CDs.

Wouldn’t it be nice when people come to HQ, they find the perfect gift for their super-volunteer friends? A lovely way to support PCDP efforts: helping elect leaders who support the causes we care about.

For more info, please email Tamar Rala Kreiswirth at tkreiswirth@gmail.com.

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