By Chair Bonnie Heidler

July is traditionally a slow month in Tucson, but LD10 Democrats have been ramping up our efforts to get Democrats elected. We’re hot, hot, hot!

In early July, volunteers sent letters welcoming 485 newly-registered Democrats in our LD, suggesting ways to get involved with LD10 Democrats. The project included a “Letters to New Voters Mailing Party,” which drew 27 participants.

Our July “Hoppy” Hour fundraiser at Hop Street Lounge, 7215 E. 22nd St., was a great success. We sold approximately 90 tickets, and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, beers and wines. A big “thank you’’ to everyone who attended, bought raffle tickets, and bid on silent-auction items. Your generosity is so appreciated! If you’re in the neighborhood be sure to check out Hop Street Lounge – and support local businesses!

Congratulations to Karen Randolph, who won the Grand Raffle Prize of a Tucson Staycation at the Downtown Clifton Hotel, tickets to a production of the Arizona Theater Company, and gift cards.

In July, LD10 Democrats began working on our volunteer-recruitment project. Our goal is to recruit enough volunteers to effectively canvass all of LD10 in 2020. The first step was a “Develop Your Personal Story” training, which drew 14 participants. Volunteers learned how to use personal experiences to connect with potential volunteers and voters. Two Volunteer Recruitment Training classes followed, one drawing 22 people, another 23. These trainings covered the best practices for recruiting new volunteers.

Finally, on July 30, LD10 Democrats will host a presidential primary debate watch party at PCDP headquarters aimed at attracting local Democrats and introducing them to LD10 Democrats and what we do.

In August, we will shift gears and conduct a “ballot chase’’ project for the City of Tucson primary election. At 6 pm on Tuesday, August 6, we’ll hold a class at PCDP headquarters on how to chase ballots. The following two Tuesdays – August 13 and 20 – there will be 6 pm ballot chase events at HQ that combine training and phone banks. LD10 Democrats volunteers will contact targeted voters in their precincts to encourage them to mail in their ballots. This project will help get sporadic voters into the habit of voting regularly, and give LD10 Democrats valuable experience in conducting a coordinated voter-contact campaign.

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