By Executive Director Cat Ripley

The last vestiges of spring brought more wildflowers to HQ’s front yard along with a slew of brand-new front desk volunteers. We are now officially fully staffed, at least two front office volunteers – sometimes three – for both morning and afternoon shifts. Our goal is to have three per shift as we prepare for a busy election year and big ramp-up to 2020. The volunteers are buzzing with new ideas to make the office more efficient, effective, useful, welcoming and beautiful.

The ”Big Room” is busy with new and continued trainings by LDs, caucuses and clubs. The famous “Red Room” is also busy as we prepare for a season of interns and campaign teams.

Stand by for PCDP’s special mayoral debate on July 18. We plan to have food trucks and entertainment, so mark your calendars now, because one of our candidates will be the next mayor of Tucson! 

We’re welcoming ideas and assistance on renovating HQ’s spacious back yard for events, rallies, BBQ’s and fundraisers. We need donations of time, equipment, elbow grease, ideas and cash to create an attractive, useable space during the more bearable outdoor months.

It takes a lot of hard work, energy, enthusiasm and creativity to rally the community for this election year. So please stop by HQ, call, or email, and let us know how you can help. Some of our needs: office volunteers, painters and paint, landscapers, hardscapers, IT experts, carpenters, electricians, tile layers, floor buffers, special-event assistants and interns. It’s a big team effort, so thank you for being a part of this wonderful team of Pima County Dems working hard to elect Democrats! 

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