Legislative District 2
Michele Manos, Chair

LD2 Dems has a new Chair, Michele Manos and a new 1st Vice Chair, George McGaughey. 

Our Committee continues its “Act Locally” efforts to support our PCs in establishing and maintaining relationships with the Democrats in their neighborhood territory. A top priority is welcoming newly registered voters (with a visit or call) within 6 weeks of each VAN update, and we’ll collaborate with the Democrats of the Santa Rita Area to send welcome letters to selected new voters. We’re planning, in the fall, to begin approaching independent voters who participated in the 2018 Democratic primary to encourage them to register as Democrats in order to vote in the March PPE.

We are formulating our “LD2 Outreach” program to reach precincts that are understaffed or have no PCs, and to create a District Committee that is more reflective of our constituents. As a start, we’ll be attending local events, hosting informal gatherings and going to the doors of new voters to welcome them.

Legislative District 9
Kim Holaway, Chair

The current Quarterly Theme for LD9 is: Precinct Building and Voter Engagement.The PC and Volunteer Committee has identified precinct leaders for approximately 30 of our 57 precincts. We had our first Precinct leader meeting on May 19 with nearly 30 leaders attending. Strategies and ideas for PC recruitment and voter registration were discussed. We now have 200 PCs!

Party building activities are continuing with a Happy Hour at Tap and Bottle (Ina and Oracle) on Tuesday, June 4, 4-7pm. Be sure to check out the new LD9 t-shirts!!!

Rachel Cheeseman will be our featured speaker at our June meeting. She will be discussing Poverty in Pima County. Please join us on June 25 at 6:30-

Legislative District 10
Bonnie Heidler, Chair

LD10 met on May 15 at Unitarian Universalist Church (UUC).  Significant items on the agenda included:

  • Presented our Voter Outreach project.
  • Discussed our first Voter Outreach project of Voter Registration and had a brief high-level training.
  • Plan to have people at 4 libraries in LD10 every Saturday for 2 hours, as well as events and the DMV.
  • Discussed the need for volunteers at the Monastery.
  • Our next meeting will be on May 15 at UUC.  We will be discussing our Communications plan.

Legislative District 11
Steve Witthoeft, Chair

May was a busy month for LD11. We held our annual fundraiser on May 4 and raised a record sum for District 11. Our guest speakers were Mark Kelly and David Fitzsimmons. Alison Jones, PCDP Chair, also attended the event.

On May 19 we held our first PC Summit to train and inform PC’s, volunteers, and wannabe PC’s. Steve Farley was our guest speaker. An individual packet was custom designed for each attendee giving them Democratic talking points, a walk list of Democrats in their precinct, and information on LD11 demographics and election results for 2018. We signed up several new PC’s and each attendee filled out a pledge sheet to commit to a fixed number of hours per month they would volunteer at a variety of activities. Many also signed up for our four Issue Action Committees on Public Education, Voter Registration, Environment, and Legislative Outreach.

Last but not least, we worked with Field Team 6 to hold our first voter registration event in Tucson. We had over 20 local and several FT6 CA volunteers who were trained and hit various “hotspots” around Tucson. We were able to sign up 122 new Democratic voters in just 2 days. We plan to hold future registration events around southern AZ using the FT6 methodology. Thanks to Evelyn Lathram, Gil Wier, and our LD11 officers and PC’s for all the success.

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