by Steve Witthoeft, Chair LD11

Mary Keerins, LD9, goes over Voter Registration and PEVL sign-up basics at PCDP training on May 25.

The PCDP Education Team was formed to educate Pima County PCs, volunteers and members of the community about the Democratic Party’s values, strategies, methods and organization, and the political process.  

We will be holding a series of trainings and educational presentations throughout the county. The first series of trainings for PCs and volunteers will cover Voter Registration, PC Basics, Use of the VAN/Mini VAN, and Voter Outreach and Messaging. The second, a Citizens Education series, open to the public, will address topics including Federal Government Civics, AZ State Government Civics, AZ Corporation Commission, Inner Workings of the Offices of Senators and House Members, and Tucson and Pima County Civics.

We’ll hold PC/Volunteer trainings at least monthly, and topics will repeat every two to three months depending on the subject. We’ll hold the Citizens Education Series monthly, on a rotating basis. We’re working on the presentations’ content, finding instructors, locating venues throughout the county, and marketing the series.

An awesome team of experienced people is joining me: Bonnie Heidler, Greer Warren, Marlene Bluestein, Lori Cinnamond, Carol Quortan, Betts Putnam-Hidalgo, and Karen Stiles. We have two main goals: to have the best prepared and informed PCs and volunteers for 2020 to help get Democrats elected in the county, state and nationally.  Our second goal is to build the PCDP brand in the community by engaging and informing citizens about how government works, and about the Democratic Party’s values.

We held a Voter Registration training at HQ on May 25 which was well attended and drew positive feedback. Our next training, AZ Civics for PCs and PC Basics, will be on June 29 at HQ, followed by a second Voter Registration training on July 10. Watch for information about future events on social media, in the newsletter and email. Please be sure to register for classes using the registration link provided.

Gil Wier, LD11, talks about recent Phoenix and Tucson collaborations with Field Team 6.

We are hoping to have recordings made of the presentations and have them available for online viewing by the end of the summer.

If you are interested in helping as a trainer or facilitator, please send an email to education.pcdp@gmail.com.

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