by Dana Kormash, PCDP Community Action Lead

Greetings, Pima Dems!  Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help the migrants at the Benedictine Monastery.  They are getting full up again.  YOUR HELP IS GREATLY NEEDED & GREATLY APPRECIATED.

The way to get started is to (a) get on the listserv and (b) go to a training session. 

(a)    Casa Alitas Program’s listserv (daily emails about what donations are acutely needed that day):  To be put on the listserv, email casaalitasprogram@gmail.com 

(b)    The regularly scheduled trainings/orientations are every Tuesday night at 8p, and Thursday morning at 9a.  RSVP for the training here:  https://goo.gl/forms/BISJjzWMTBYwBap93 

You do not need the training/orientation to simply bring donations of food or other items, but the training/orientation is very helpful in understanding the larger picture of what is going on at the Monastery and the other locations.

There are several local churches that are also serving this function.  St Mark’s Presbyterian Church (midtown) and Trinity Presbyterian Church (University area), and St Francis in the Foothills are several of these.

We want the Pima Dems to be visible as we do this important work.  If you decide to go ahead with volunteering, whether at the monastery or at another location, please let Dana Kormash know; she will arrange to get a Pima Dems Community Action t-shirt to you. The t-shirts are $10. Alternatively, you can wear any other shirt that identifies you as a Pima County Democrat.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Dana Kormash, PCDP Community Action Lead, or Greer Warren, LD10.

Thank you!

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