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Congratulations and Welcome to our Newest Pima County Democratic Precinct Committeepersons

The following people were appointed as Precinct Committeepersons (PCs) at the Feb. 19, 2019, meeting of the Pima County Board of Supervisors:

Precinct  21    Kathleen (“Kitty”) Kennedy
Precinct  61    Barbara Wayne                       
Precinct 112    Esteban Hidalgo
Precinct 112    Maria Hidalgo
Precinct 120    Kristen Landrum
Precinct 130    John Denker
Precinct 164    Margaret Felici
Precinct 170    Margaret Winchell
Precinct 187    Kathleen Mayer
Precinct 202    Imelda Cuyugan
Precinct 207    Valerie Bridges
Precinct 227     Deborah Dunlap
Precinct 237     Lori Magoffin
Precinct 238     Valerie Gomes

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