By Co-chair Phil Lopes – Former State Representative and LD3 PC, Precinct 16

The PCDP Platform Committee held its first meeting on Feb. 16, at which Paul Taylor was named co-chair.

We agreed to: have the platform ready for presentation to the County Committee by early fall; get feedback from LDs, clubs, caucuses and other interested groups as the platform develops; make the document concise, readable and usable.

We discussed but haven’t yet decided the platform’s purpose and goals, the issues it should cover, and its format and presentation. The committee will meet every couple of weeks.

In addition to myself and Paul, the committee’s members are Chester Antone, Marion Chubon, Michael Dues, Alison Hughes, Claire Knipe, Miriam Lindmeier, Bill Maki, Joy Noriega, Miki Odawa, Tom Prezelski, Betts Putnam-Hidalgo, and Mike Wilson.

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