“The 2020 election will be won in 2019, and winning the White House can’t be done without Arizona.”

Executive Director Cat Ripley and I heard that takeaway message during a  meeting of the Arizona Democratic Party’s Council of County Chairs, which Mary Darling, Santa Cruz county chair, leads. Agenda items during the meeting, held Feb. 9-10 in Phoenix, included a “State of the ADP” presentation, fundraising, effective social media use, messaging, and managing, training and retaining volunteers.

Eight of the 15 county-party chairs are, like me, new to the job, and we eagerly took advantage of the wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise in the room. Pima and Maricopa are by far the most populated counties, and we share many of the same challenges.

There was a lot of discussion about the best way to work with the Coordinated Campaign, and different counties had different stories to tell. The ADP is continuing to evaluate how we can harness the energy and money of the Coordinated Campaign to make them most effective in 2020. 

I was happy to learn that the ADP and the Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) are great resources, and that their leaders are eager to aid PCDP as necessary – which it was within a few days. MCDP staff helped us fix errors in our fourth-quarter Secretary of State filing. We are very grateful.

 In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing fundraising, appointing new chairs for the Community Action and Diversity and Affirmative Action committees, and holding and LD summit. I will report back on those activities in the next newsletter.

Let’s turn Arizona Blue!


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