By Cat Ripley, Pima County Democratic Party Executive Director

Executive Director Catherine (“Cat”) Ripley getting settled in her new office.

With our focus on local elections this year and the big march towards 2020, every day at PCDP headquarters is dedicated to the goal of electing Democrats. To that end, in my first month as executive director, I’ve been focused on running an HQ that’s efficient, effective, professional and welcoming – which I couldn’t do without the assistance of dedicated volunteers.

Here’s a look at some of the things we have been working on:

–Recruited six new front-desk volunteers. The more the merrier, so if you’d like to offer your time and skills, don’t hesitate to call HQ; 

–Recruited a full-time volunteer coordinator;

–Recruited a 20-hour-a-week volunteer who’s conducting a full-scale inventory of the building’s contents, including supplies, furniture and consumables. We need this to establish a system of accountability and tracking, to budget wisely, and to use our space efficiently;

–Reorganized front-desk volunteer procedures, a team effort involving the volunteers and an actual systems engineer, who’s helping make HQ the hub of information, support and resources for all Democrats.

–Created and launched a system to track and log PC applications.

–Established a schedule of workshops and training sessions for topics including Canvassing 101, GOTV (Get Out the Vote), Civics 101, Local Government 101, Field Team Organization, in addition to the RTS (Request to Speak) and VAN training workshops in progress;

–Cleaned out the back yard so we can use it for rallies, fundraisers and special events;

–Instituted monthly volunteer-training potlucks.

Behind the scenes, teams are busy working on the upcoming Udall Dinner, a voter registration plan of action, and a PC training program.

Huge thanks to all our volunteers, PC’s, LD members, clubs, caucuses, labor unions, angel donors, elected officials, candidates and community members who continue to stand in solidarity! 

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