YES on Proposition 125

Proposition 125 is a ballot measure directly from the Arizona legislature, supported by all Democratic state legislators, to provide greater latitude for keeping specific public retirement pensions solvent. 

NO on Proposition 126 

The “Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act” is a voter initiative that would eliminate the option of imposing a tax on services in Arizona.

YES on Proposition 127 

The “Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment” is a voter initiative to require electric utilities to provide at least 50% of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.

NO on Proposition 305

A citizen’s referendum that allows the people to vote on a new law (signed by Gov Ducey) that would expand the use of private school vouchers to all AZ students, at the expense of funding to public schools.

NO on Proposition 306 

Related to the Citizens Clean Elections Act, this is a legislative proposition that removes decision-making from the Clean Elections board and prevents Clean Elections candidates from purchasing goods and services from political parties.

YES on Proposition 407

The City of Tucson Parks + Connections proposition is a bond that would improve city park amenities and bicycle/pedestrian pathways. A YES vote will not raise your taxes.

NO on Proposition 408

The “City of Tucson Even-year Elections” Proposition would require Tucson City elections to be held concurrently with other local as well as state and federal elections rather than on odd-numbered years.

YES on Proposition 463 

Proposition 463 is a Pima County Road Bond that would fund regional road reconstruction, preservation, and repair throughout Pima County and will not increase property tax rates.