What is a Committeeman/woman?

A Committeeperson (man or woman) represents the Democratic Party on behalf of a specific precinct. (For this reason, the Committeeperson is often referred to as a Precinct Committeeperson.) An elected or appointed Democratic Committeeperson also serves as a member of the Pima County Democrat Committee.

How to become a Democratic PC in Pima County:

First and foremost, you must be a registered Democrat within Pima County.

PCs are elected every two years. During this election period you may visit the PCDP Headquarters to pick up a signature collection form, affidavit and instructions on how to become an elected PC in Pima County.

Not PC election season?

Fear not!  You may still be able to become an appointed PC.

  • Call or stop by PCDP HQ in order to inquire about available PC positions in your precinct.
  • Pick up or print this form and return it to HQ.
  • If all requirements are met you will become an appointed PC and be able to run to become an elected PC in the future.

I’m a PC! What is next?

  • Attend a PC Workshop! Visit our calendar or call our office to inquire about upcoming workshops!
  • Attend your Legislative District meetings. Most LDs meet monthly. You can find more information by visiting your LD’s page on our website using the “YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD” selection above.
  • Volunteer! Contact a club, caucus or candidate that interests you and ask how you can help! If you need assistance finding the right volunteer path for you, please call our office. PCDP also sends out regular newsletters with many interesting and fun volunteer activities.


PCDP Headquarters: