Letter from the Chair

Yesterday, the Ducey-packed Arizona Supreme Court overruled more than 270,000 parents, teachers, and community members who are desperately seeking a better life for our students and educators. This ruling will maintain the abysmal level of education funding that keeps Arizona in the bottom five across our nation.

The Pima County Democratic Party strongly condemns the decision to kick the Invest in Ed initiative off the ballot.  Arizona’s schools are suffering while the Republican Legislature and Governor Ducey pay lip-service to a crisis that our children will bear the brunt of.

We know that this decision cannot stop Red for Ed.  The parents, educators, students, and community members who started this movement will continue this fight.  If we are to fully invest in our public school system, we must keep our promises by electing strong education advocates and holding them accountable.

Pima County Democrats are committed to holding up our end of the bargain by working every day from now through November to elect our qualified slate of candidates who are dedicated to our public schools!

Chair, Pima County Democratic Party


The Pima County Democratic Party boasts strong leaders in the Arizona Legislature and in local government. Yet it is made up of regular folks like you, who provide their time, labor and money to make our efforts go. We, as a community, come together under the banner of the Democratic Party to elect leaders who fight for social justice, opportunity for all and a better future for our community.