As the ballot counting continues…we’re working hard to make sure that it does continue!

For this amazing election, THANK YOU to all of our hard-working, dedicated volunteers and supporters!! And our heartfelt thanks to ALL of our Candidates, whether you carried the day or not. We stand with you, we look forward to working with you, knowing that we’re strongest when we work TOGETHER.

Jo M. Holt, PhD

Chair, Pima County Democratic Party

4639 E. First St.  Tucson AZ  85711

520-873-7899 cell


The Pima County Democratic Party boasts strong leaders in the Arizona Legislature and in local government. Yet it is made up of regular folks like you, who provide their time, labor and money to make our efforts go. We, as a community, come together under the banner of the Democratic Party to elect leaders who fight for social justice, opportunity for all and a better future for our community.