Letter from the Chair

As you’re out talking to neighbors and voters, you may hear about the most recent economic report that our President is boasting about.  You’ll hear that economic growth is up to 4.1% for the quarter, something he promised on the campaign trail.

What you won’t hear from that report is that the average CEO makes around 200 times more than the median worker pay1.  The President and his party won’t tell you that the GDP is (even according to some economic experts2) just an economic average that hides details like who that growth is helping.  So, when GDP goes up, does that mean that we’re all doing a little better, or that a select few are doing very, very much better? Make no mistake: this is a Republican GDP, where the rich get richer and the rest of us are left with the continued harsh reality of making ends meet.

Do we really think this pushes us further along our founding promise to build a more perfect union, a nation where a rising tide truly lifts all boats, not just those of Donald Trump and his Billionaire Cabinet?

I certainly don’t. We must elect Democrats up and down the ballot to build a robust economy that works for all of us, especially those that need it the most.

Chair, Pima County Democratic Party

& see for more specific data


The Pima County Democratic Party boasts strong leaders in the Arizona Legislature and in local government. Yet it is made up of regular folks like you, who provide their time, labor and money to make our efforts go. We, as a community, come together under the banner of the Democratic Party to elect leaders who fight for social justice, opportunity for all and a better future for our community.