Letter from the Chair

Eight years after the disastrous Citizen’s United decision, we are witnessing the Supreme Court moving even further to the right with the appointment of a new justice. I know we are discouraged and frightened, and I know we are all asking, “how much worse can things get?”

Although we have depended on the Court as a final defense against injustice in the past, we have to remember that it is not our only defense. Right now, our best and greatest weapon is Congress, who has the power to change the law.

We must take back Congress this year. We’ll do our part here in Pima County by electing a Democrat to the House in CD-02 and a Democrat to the U.S. Senate, and do the same up and down the ballot. After the election, we’ll back that up and hold our elected officials accountable. This is our focus, and this is our responsibility.

We need you. Join us as we work together to reclaim our democracy!

Chair, Pima County Democratic Party


The Pima County Democratic Party boasts strong leaders in the Arizona Legislature and in local government. Yet it is made up of regular folks like you, who provide their time, labor and money to make our efforts go. We, as a community, come together under the banner of the Democratic Party to elect leaders who fight for social justice, opportunity for all and a better future for our community.


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